Israel National Trail

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The Israel National Trail (Hebrew שביל ישראל, Schvil Jisra’el), abbreviated as INT or just the Israel Trail, is a long-distance walk in Israel.

The INT stretches over a thousand kilometers between Dan and Eilat.

With our project “Hiking for Czech forest” we have a great opportunity to show how unique and attractive Israel is.
We will start our tour in late February 2017. This walk for the Czech Forest / Český les via the Shvil Jisra’el spans the entirety of Israel, starting in Eilat.

Richard Bowles from Australia, ultramarathon runner and adventurer, managed the trail within twelve days. We want to make our route in 22 days or less. That would be a daily average of 45Km, or even more.

Breathtaking landscapes, diverse scene life, delicious food, friendly people and much more is characteristic for Israel.

We invite everyone to share with us the interesting and pleasant experiences in written and / or visual form. We will provide useful hints and tips on how to best experience and enjoy Israel. It is definitely a country that has something to offer for every taste.

Make a statement and take the chance to make a real difference. Support our project and donate a tree! The Czech forest / Český les, is part of the Yatir forest in Israel. Also, with every donation to KKL Czech Republic, you have the chance to win in our raffle.

The donation is 350.00CZK (or 13.00€) per tree.

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Shalom, come and visit Israel with us.
Wolfgang and the support team.